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Scholarships & Awards

  • Scholarships & Awards

    • Please check with your parents, your workplace, your parish and online for a variety of scholarships that may be available to you. The Ministry of Education website also has Scholarships and Bursaries from A-Z!!  Ministry of Education: Scholarship and Awards Information
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Notre Dame Educaiton Committee Scholarships

Each year the Notre Dame Education committee sponsors a variety of scholarships of Excellence at Notre Dame for students in Grades 8-11.  Awards are given in the areas of Academics, Christian Witness/Education, Athletics and Fine/Performing Arts.

Students must have demonstrated excellence in the area(s) over the past school year.  These awards are for $200 and will be given to two individuals at each grade level who have met the criteria for eligibility that is specified on the application forms.  Once the applications  are received, they will be assessed by the department heads and their staff.  

(Funds will normally be distributed to male and female students at each grade level, but there may be exceptions.)

NDEC Scholarships Link  - https://goo.gl/forms/A2UfoE94QkOw9Afj1


first KlAs Award

The First KLaS award is a special level of recognition for select students in grades 8-11.  The award, in large part, represents what some may describe as a triple threat award; with the three areas of focus being academics, extra-curricular involvement, and Christian witness (which includes service). The criteria includes the following:

 Academics: students must have a minimum GPA of 80 % and be in good standing with their teachers regarding homework, effort, and in-class behaviour

Extra-Curricular: eligible students must have participated in at least two school sponsored activities.  Within those activities, there must be clear evidence of positive contributions in terms of attitude, effort, attendance and performance

Service (Christian Witness):  students must show evidence of servant leadership that may include  service to the school, service in the community, overall school behaviour, dress code, and positive participation in all areas of school life ( such as dances, masses, Walkathon, and Juggler Days)

Each year, a seven member committee will review all of the applications and select the students who best meet the criteria. Depending on the number of applications, approximately 5-7 new students will be eligible to earn this award each year in each of the four grades. By that, we mean that students who receive the award this year will still be eligible again in future years; however, repeat winners will not count against the 5-7 potential new awar

First KLaS Applicaiton Form - https://goo.gl/forms/p91NOAkNNtK1bA323