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School Policies - Uniform

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Important Uniform Update 

Notre Dame Uniform Policy 

By choosing to attend Notre Dame Regional Secondary School, students and their parents have made a serious long term commitment to Catholic Education.  Our school seeks to promote inclusion and participation in faith community.  In making this decision, parents and students accept the school uniform as an integral part of the school community life.  Though we recognize our individuality, the uniform at Notre Dame is part of what unites us as one community.

 All Catholic schools are similar in that they have in place either a uniform or a specific dress code.  What makes them different in that regard is how well they adhere to it.  Notre Dame is committed to making a concerted effort in terms of ‘raising the bar” so as to achieve excellence in all that it does.   Part of those high standards center around school uniform.  We believe, when it comes to dress code, we (staff, students, and parents) must work together to ensure as much consistency in that area as possible.

Formal Uniform – Boy

 Grey or navy dress pants – Casual or tapered/slim fitting pants are not permitted

White oxford cloth shirt with ND monogram

White ND golf shirt

V Neck or cardigan sweater with school crest

Crested blue or grey crew neck sweat shirts (available through ND)    $50.00 each

Jackets or Hoodies are not permitted except on Juggler or Dress Down Days

Navy or grey socks (white socks are no longer permitted)

Options for boys shoes

At  NO time are Flip Flops or sandals allowed to be worn at school







Formal Uniform – Girls

 Notre Dame Tartan kilt or x-kilt‚ poly-wool blend

Navy or grey dress pants

White oxford cloth blouse with ND monogram

White ND golf shirt

V-neck or cardigan sweater with school crest

Crested blue crew neck sweat shirts (available through ND)

 Footless tights or leggings are not permitted

Black closed-toe dress shoes (heel height not to exceed 11/2”)

Options for girls’ shoes 

At NO Time are Flip Flops or sandals allowed to be worn at school

Important Expectations Regarding the Formal Uniform:

 The school uniform must be worn in such a way that everyone associated with our school can take pride in our students' appearance.

 Students are expected to wear their uniform at school at all times including on spares.  The uniform is to be worn on all school-sponsored field trips or school related events unless otherwise specified.

Miscellaneous Items:

 ·         Dress shirts and blouses must be tucked in the pants or kilt

·         Kilt length must allow no more than four inches between hem and mid-knee

Girls who choose not to honor this stipulation may lose the privilege of wearing the kilt.  If and when that happens, those girls must purchase and wear school dress pants for the remainder of the current school year.

·         Black dress shoes must be worn with the regular uniform

·         Belts:  Plain black leather belts (no fancy or oversized buckles)

·         Socks:  Must be worn at all times with the summer and formal dress code. With the formal uniform, girl’s socks must be pulled up just below the knee.  Socks should not be rolled down toward the ankles.  With the summer dress code, socks must be visible (and cover the ankle) without the student having to take off his/her shoes.

Summer Uniform 2022

Dress Shorts Order Form


 Hair and Jewelry

At Notre Dame, we believe that hair and jewelry, with respect to how they are worn, are extensions of our dress code.  Therefore, there are certain expectations for all students related to both of these areas:

 Hair: It is expected that all students will maintain proper grooming with respect to their hair.  At all times, length must be at a reasonable and moderate length.  Generally speaking, for boys, that means that the back lengths will not exceed the shirt collar and hair, at all times, will remain off of the face. 

Notre Dame will not permit any radical hairstyles; that includes but is not limited to mohawks and faux hawks.  Students are not to dramatically change their hair color or dye their hair unnatural colors.

Notre Dame reserves the right to deal with students who, in the opinion of the administration, violate this policy.  At times, that may include sending them home.  When that happens, students will be expected to make up some or all of the time that has been lost.

Jewelry must be in good taste and subdued in nature.  Earrings, while permitted, must be either a stud or a small ring.  No other facial and/or body piercing rings are permitted.  Final decisions on this matter are at the discretion of the administration.

 Violations of Dress Code

 If and when students are in violation of the dress code at Notre Dame, they will receive one or more of the following consequences.  It is important to note that Notre Dame adheres to a progressive discipline model meaning that repeat offenders will face more serious consequences.

1.      Dress shirts and blouses must be tucked in regardless of the bottoms being worn (kilt/skort, or pants). 

2.      Runners or other casual shoes worn with the summer dress code should be either black, blue or white (base colour).  Shoes that are a different colour or multi-coloured will no longer be permitted.  At no time are flip flops or sandals allowed to be worn at school.

3.     Socks must be worn at all times with the summer and formal dress code.  Socks must be visible (and cover the top of the foot) without the student having to take off his/her shoes. 

·         Consequences will, in most cases, supercede participation in extra-curricular activities.

It is important to note that all students will be given opportunities to correct any problems with respect to dress code so as to avoid any unnecessary consequences.  It is also important to note that, depending on the situation, the consequences may not always follow the set order listed.  Certain violations of dress code may require more serious consequences immediately.

Occasionally difficulties arise with suppliers providing some items, and the school makes allowances under such circumstances.


  • Grey T-shirt
  • Navy shorts
  • Running shoes*
  • White athletic socks* 
  • Navy sweat-suit

All PE strip items are to be purchased through the Notre Dame PE Department. Payment by cash or cheque only (no post-dated cheques will be accepted)

(*Running shoes and white athletic socks are not sold at Notre Dame)