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Traffic Awareness


We understand that the construction on Renfrew Street has made drop off and pick up more complicated this year.  With that said naturally there has been more congestion around the school which has created some impatience amongst some and, in turn, has led to different challenges.  With the dark and rainy weather we are facing please respect the City of Vancouver’s traffic rules. 


The City has been notified of illegal parking, stop sign violations and dangerous driving.  Please try your best to arrive at school a few minutes earlier to avoid the last minute rush and to help reduce the greater risk of accidents, injury, or violation fines.










ND Spirit Wear

Upcoming Dismissal Schedule

Please review the upcoming Dismissal Scheule for the  June 13th - 17th 


Incoming Grade 8 - Uniforms Ordering



It is very imporant that uniforms are  ordered by June 15th 2022 this year..

Please refer the link posted below.. 


 Cambridge Uniforms 












The PE Strip on-line ordering is now open!

Get your Fall order in now - by  clicking HERE.

Please Note:  any orders that do not have a valid shipping address will be sent directly to the school.


Juggler Field Seat Sponsorship

Sponsor a seat at Juggler Field by clicking the image above or scanning the QR Code on your mobile device.