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Student Services - Courses

Program Support

Program Support is an opportunity for students to maximize their learning in their classes. Instead of taking French, students who require additional support with their academic classes take Program Support. Students can take another language program, such as Spanish in grade 11 and 12, or they can enter a college program that does not require a second language and later enter a University if they choose.

Program Support focuses on developing organization and time management skills, improving reading and writing skills and providing pre-teaching and re-teaching for students in core subject areas. Program Support also helps students learn about their learning styles and how to maximize this in the classroom and when studying. Another important component of Program Support is cooperative learning; students work together to complete challenging tasks and study effectively as a group.

Math 8 Essentials & Math 9 Essentials

Math 8E and Math 9E are adapted Math programs, which means Math 8 and 9 curricula are taught, however the class sizes are small for more individualized attention. With this individualized attention some students are able to improve their math skills. Some student move on to Math 9 after Math 8E, while some students continue with the essentials program and take Math 9E. Before grade 10 a decision is made to decide if your child will take Foundations Math 10 or Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10. The Math Essentials program does not limit choices for your child in the future, but allows students who need support in math to develop their math skills.

Work Experience

Work Experience provides an opportunity for students to learn the skills required to enter the workplace. Students may receive certifications such as WHMIS, first aid and Food Safe. Students will also learn resume and cover letter writing skills, interview skills and workplace etiquette. Through work experience, students have the opportunity to observe and practice employability skills required in the workplace and/or the technical and applied skills relating to specific occupations or industries. Work experience is a supervised and monitored program that includes a combination of paid or unpaid work along with course work.


Secondary School Apprenticeship (SSA) is a career program that provides students with the opportunity to begin an apprenticeship while still in high school, and allows students to earn credits while working in a registered trade. Students attend Notre Dame classes for one day of the Day 1/ Day 2 schedule, while going to his/her workplace on the alternate day of the Day 1/ Day 2 schedule and earn 16 credits towards graduation. Students work with a certified sponsor in their chosen field of trade who will supervise and monitor their progress. Apprenticeship provides a smoother transition from school to work, and a quicker route to certification in a trade - and to the earning power that goes with it. SSA students complete up to 480 hours of work experience that counts towards their apprenticeship and course credits agreement signed by their employer.

English Plus

English Plus is a non-credit course designed to meet the needs of students who have particular difficulties with the English language. This may or may not include students are classified as ESL. When there are a large number of students who would benefit from English Plus, priority will be given to international students.

Life Skills

Students with learning and/or developmental disabilities are often lacking fundamental adaptive skills required to be independent, contributing members of society. It is important that we provide an opportunity for students to learn these adaptive skills, as they are not taught in mainstream curricula.

The goal of Life Skills is to increase students' awareness of their own abilities and to provide them with the skills required for improved independence in today's society. Students receive direct teaching, have opportunity for practice and will be assessed in the areas of functional curriculum, daily living skills, organization and planning, emotional regulation and social skills.

After School Club

After School Club takes place Monday to Thursday from 2:40 - 3:45 pm in Student Services (room 204). At afterschool club Student Services staff and Grade 12 Peer Tutors are available to help with homework, studying and organization/planning.

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