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Admission Overview & Guidelines

Applying for Grade 8

Admission to Notre Dame is granted on the basis of the applying student's parish, religion, and parent participation. Admission is always subject to places being available. Because Notre Dame is a regional school, it must serve its region first. The selection process for new grade 8 students includes the input of the ten regional pastors.

  • Placement test not an entrance exam
    • Help with balancing classroom compliments
    • Provide teachers with strengths and weaknesses
    • Give a starting point for some content development
  • Part of a Standardized Academic Test
    • 5 parts with breaks
    • Longest section is Reading - 40 minutes
    • Subtests are in Reading, Math Problems and computation, Science and Language Mechanics
    • Test norms are for Grade 7 students, in the spring, not designed for advanced students
  • Times: Placement test is offered on Saturday and is open to any student interested in attending Notre Dame for the following year.
  • Please refer to the Application Form page for the Registration for Placement Test form.


Selection of students for these alternative programs are based on the information gained from the elementary school, academic standing and results of the Grade 8 Placement Test:

  • Accelerated Math and Science MA 89
  • Challenge Exams
  • Program Support 8
  • Mathematics 8A and 8*

Applying for Grade 9 through 12

For students applying to enter in grades 9 through 12, there is a protocol for acceptance by the principal, which includes the student's most recent report card, a reference letter from the previous school's administrator and Police Liaison Officer, together with any other appropriate documentation. School personnel will interview prospective students. Any student accepted will be placed on probation, with both academic and behavioural reviews carried out at regular intervals.