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Athletics & Activities

Notre Dame offers students a variety of exciting, enjoyable and challenging activities year round. ND encourages students to join in the fun of learning new skills, developing unique interests and sharing in school spirit with friends. Our athletics and activities give students the opportunity to learn leadership skills, foster self-confidence, self-discipline, and encourage setting goals. Notre Dame aims to instill in the student excellent sportsmanship, astrong work ethic, and a spirit of cooperation, leadership qualities, and such personal character traits as integrity, loyalty, spirituality and maturity.

We believe a comprehensive athletic program is vital for the educational development of our students. Notre Dame Regional Secondary has a deep desire to maximize participation and enjoyment and hopes to instill a pride of school and community both in its student body and alumni.


Weight Room Policy

For the safety and well-being of our students/athletes as well as our Alumni the Notre Dame Athletics Department has adjusted the weight-room hours accordingly.  This policy will continue to be reviewed on a regular basis.

Hours of Operation

Students  3:15 pm - 4:30 pm  Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (**pending supervision and availability.)  Please see Mr. Garcea for further details 

We hope this will allow the Notre Dame Community sufficient weight-room hours of use.


Juggler Athletics

For more information regarding Juggler Athletics, please contact a Varsity Coach or the Athletic Director.


Juggler Fine Arts




Band & Jazz
Facilitator: Mr.I. Amarash
Drama Productions
Facilitator: Mr. S. Isherwood
Concert Choir
Facilitator: Mr. S. Isherwood
Dance Squad
Facilitator: Ms. M. Jacob
Show Choir
Facilitator: Mr. S. Isherwood

Recreational & Special Events




Bridge Building Contest The Notre Dame Balsa Bridge contest occurs annually for all Physics 11 and Physics 12 students. At the 31st annual contest, held March 15 2011, a ten year-old record was broken as Physics 12 student Gino Circo, the winner of the 2010 contest, blew past the previous mark to set a new record of 219.95 (rounded to 220.0) kg. The previous record had been deemed out of reach by students for the past decade. Gino's bridge, based on his successful structure design from his entry in his Physics 11 year, was copied by others but none of those structures were up to the standards of construction set by this graceful entry.

Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. S. Prasad
Europe Trip 
Group Leader: Mr. R. Scott
Graduation Ceremony Grad 2022 in planning stages.

Contact: Ms. S. Prasad and Ms. A. Hardy

Clubs & Councils




Student Council
Moderator: Mrs. M. Jacob, Mrs. M. Pasta, Mr. N. De Santis
Kayak Club
Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. A. McCracken
Outdoor Club
Sponsoring Teacher:

    Mr. A. McCracken

    Outdoor Club

Yearbook Club
Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. A. Glinsbockel