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Post Secondary Institutions

  It is important to check websites regularly to keep in touch with the everchanging admission requirements.

These are the website of the various institutions that most Notre Dame students attend. Check for programs and admission requirements on their sites:



The College Route

British Columbia Colleges offer two main types of Programs.

  1. University Transfer courses that ultimately lead to a degree at a University
  2. Career and Vocational Programs that may lead to degrees or diplomas 
  3. University Degrees
    • Tuition costs are nearly half those of most Universities
    • Transportation is often cheaper and more convenient
    • Transition from a small high school is easier because of reduced class size
    • The professors are hired primarily to teach not to research.
    • Easier to gain admission with no time lost on transfer.

Students planning on Attending US Universities or Colleges should check their individual websites for admission requirements.  Everyone attending must write an SAT.