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Graduation Requirements and Forms

Students needs a total of 80 credits to Graduate based on Grade 10/11/12 courses. There are Required and Elective courses. 52 credits must be from Required Courses and 28 credits must be from Elective Courses.

Required Courses




ENGLISH 10 4.0  
ENGLISH 11 4.0  
ENGLISH 12 4.0  
SCIENCE 11 4.0 Biology, Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry  (Currently Offered)
MATH 10 4.0 Foundations and Pre-Calculus or Apprenticeship and Workplace (Currently Offered)
MATH 11 4.0 Foundations, Pre-Calculus, Apprenticeship and Workplace (Currently Offered)
PE 10 4.0  
PLANNING 10 4.0  


4.0 Check course list in the current guide.
GRADUATION TRANSITION 4.0 All students must complete this course to graduate in British Columbia. It must be completed outside of the regular timetable and is composed of four aspects, all of which must be complete before June of the graduating year. Documentation must be submitted. See Graduation Portfolio information below.

Total: 52 credits [13 courses x (4) = 52 credits required.]

Elective Courses

Three Grade 12 courses. One must be CE 12. It is recommended you choose 4 or 5 Grade 12 elective courses. The remainder can be any course in Grade 10, 11, or 12. Total 28 credits. Refer to the Course Directory to find elective courses.

Graduation transitions

GRADE 12 Graduation Transition Program  is streamlined and simplified to include only 3 main components. All students must complete these components to graduate. 

  1. Physical Activity - 150 minutes a week of physical activity documented and verified in Grade 11 and 12.
  2. Career and Education Components - Career and Education components – Transition Plan development - updated from Planning 10
  3. 30 Hours of Work Experience or Community Service - need evidence as proof such as paystubs, letter from employer or reference letter with hours noted.

Graduation transition Downloads

For additional information on BC Graduation requirements please visit Ministry of Education: Graduation Requirements