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Matteo Ialungo

Matteo Ialungo

In need of a transplant

Matteo Ialungo is a grade eight student who has a very special need. He has been courageously battling a genetic liver disorder, Alagille Syndrome, for his entire life. Matteoha has been in the hospital, unable to attend school, since the beginning of March, undergoing heart surgeries and recovering from infections.   A Living Donor is required to donate a portion of their own liver, which will then regenerate within three months.  Those who might consider offering such an amazing gift must be healthy individuals, ages 18-55, and have an “A” positive or “O” blood type. Please contact 1-866-253-6833 for more information and to begin the Living Donor screening process.





Band Concert

Final Band Concert of the Year

Thursday may 21st 

The final Band Concert of the year will be held on Thursday May 21st at 7pm.

For more information please contact Mr. Paras qparas@ndrs.org





Athletics Banquet

An Evening of Athletic Excellence

May 14th 

This year`s Athletic Banquet will be held on Thursday May 14th at Our Lady of Sorrows Gym at 6:00 pm.






Final Phase Opens!

April 2015 

 Notre Dame is pleased to announce the completion of the Final Phase!  Occupancy was granted by the City of Vancouver on Thursday, April 2nd

We would like to thank our school community – Parents, Staff, Students, Alumni, the Archdiocese of Vancouver, and our feeder Parishes and Schools for their commitment to our building project.

We truly are “Proud of the Past, and Building the Future.”