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Field Press Release

Update on Field

scheudle for opening







Safety First

Caution During Cold Days

take extra care

Please take extra care on traveling to and from school.  Although we have cleared and salted our sidewalks they remain slippery at the both the Venables and Parker Street entrances, as well as the parking lot.




Super Bowl Party

9th Annual Super Bowl Party

sunday february 5th

Tickets on sale on now for the 9th Annual Super Bowl Party at Notre Dame at a cost of $25.00 each.  Doors open at 2pm.

Food - Prizes - 50/50 draw - Big Screen TV

For more information click Super Bowl

Strictly Dance 2017

Strictly Dance

January 20th - 2017



Strictly Dance will be held on Friday January 20th - 2017.

Registration Packages can be downloaded by following the link below

Registration Package PDF




Notre Dame Hits the South Pole

William McCarthy

nd on the move!


Talk about a Snow Day!  

Truly a first for Notre Dame as shown in this picture of Mr. William  McCarthy proudly wearing an ND Hoodie at the South Pole.

Juggler Nation truly has no bounds!